Dedicated runs

A dedicated run means a truck runs the same route for the same customer.

Steady loads

Weekend home

Nobody should work on weekends, especially not our truckers.

Vacation optional

You can go on a vacation whenever you fell like doing that.

Detention paying $75 an hour

You will receive the said amount of money for each hour wasted at the shipper/receiver.

Truck Order Not Used $500 a day

Wasting time over someone else's mistake isn't fair at all. Time is money, and you'll get money for your time.

Worker comp. insurance paid

We will cover the costs of worker compensation insurance for you.

Fuel discount 30-40 cents per gallon

A small token of appreciation for being our family member.

Yearly registration free

We will cover the costs of your yearly registration for you.

Available 24/7

Twenty-four hours, seven days a week. We are here for you whenever you need us.