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Welcome to Black Peak!

Safety first! Feel like a member of the family

All employees are more than just employees in existing company with experience at least 10 years. The family club includes outside activities with all company members and their families, based on interest. We offer bonuses for every refeered truck, especially for the members of our family. Also, Christmas, Easter and birthday presents imply.

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Available 24/7

Twenty-four hours, seven days a week. We are here for you whenever you need us.

Becoming an owner-operator

We also offer lease to purchase options.

Dedicated runs

A dedicated run means a truck runs the same route for the same customer.

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What do I need to apply?

DMV driving record no older than 1 day, social number and driver's licence number.

What do I need to become an owner-operator?

No banks, we got our own fleet for finance, just a CDL.

Why do you call yourself "the best"?

We are a small company that treats everybody like family. Truckshows trucks more than welcome. Try to be unusual old-buddy styles. Always be good commercial and the good referee for the company wherever on the road.